Im Ashley, creator of Ash and Oak! Im a 30 year old wife and mama from the Cleveland Area. Like a lot of brides, I fell in love with planning my wedding. It was everything I dreamed of, I left my wedding thinking "this is what I want to do forever, I want to be apart of making other people weddings just like ours... a dream come true". I let me feelings settle for quite some time. Prayed, dreamed, helped other people with their weddings, and after 4 years that passion was still burning inside me. So here we are, Ash + Oak has been born and we couldn't be more thrilled to be here! 

My name is Lorena, often go by Lo! I’m passionate about bringing people together, creativity and curating experiences & events that tap into your senses & leave a positive impression on your for weeks & months to come.

I’ve coined myself a jill-of-all-trades because I really have done it all - almost! My creative career started with photography (both brands & weddings) and then I quickly started doing design, websites, content creation and events to help businesses & personal brands look good online & off.

When I’m not working, I love traveling, trying different coffee shops, reading, spending time with my husband and cuddling with our goofy cats.

I’m excited to bring my diverse skill sets, passion and love for people to Ash & Oak and work with Ashley to serve her amazing clients on one of the most important days of their life!



Coordinating my first wedding was a whirlwind. At the time it was just a little side hustle for a friend because everyone knew I was good at planning events. The feeling of seeing all the hard work pay off was so dang satisfying, BUT what made it all worth it was knowing I was able to give the couple peace of mind that every freaking thing is taken care of during their day. Too me, that is what I love the most. Seeing my couples at ease, relaxed and actually enjoying their day is freaking priceless. 

If you want more than just a “wedding coordinator” or a “wedding planner” that is what I am all about. I am here to be your hype girl, your right hand, and your freaking best friend through all. this. I want to get excited over your wedding dress choice and rejoice with you when you finally chose your bridesmaids colors. Let’s chat over some good food, good drinks and let’s do the dang thing.

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These are a few of my favorite things 

It's me again, the "Ash" part of Ash and Oak. I included my name in my brand because I want you know that I am personally invested in your big day! 

"Oak", why oak? Biggest question I get these days! Oak trees are the strongest trees talked about in the Bible. With many roots that reach wide and deep. That is what I want to do in my business. Bless and serve you in a time that can be stressful. The Hebrew word for Oak is derived from the word providence and for the Jews providence meant that God directed every step and every detail of creation. That is what I want to be able to do for you on your big day, Let you sit back, relax, while I direct every step and every detail! 

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