As a little girl you dream of finding your man and having the best wedding day. Growing up your styles change, the big day approaches and you are faced with the many decisions of planning a wedding that best fits that little girls dreams and your now evolved sense of taste. That's where we come in. 

We help those little girl dreams turn into reality.

Your hand in mine...

Never forget the nights we felt alive.


 Hey! I'm          ,                  I'll be there for you! 

I've been helping friends plan weddings for many years. When I planned my wedding, I realized that as much as I love planning, and even though I was really good at it, I still needed help with the coordinating side of things. I wanted to be able to relax on my big day, let my family relax, and have someone help take care of the details. What I also realized on my wedding day is my TRUE passion for planning. I was that bride that would just walk around while getting ready fixing things and putting them in the perfect place. Planning my wedding was pretty effortless for me. Now, I'm not bragging. I just want you to know that it should be effortless for you too... I WANT TO HELP WITH THAT.  I AM HERE FOR THAT. 



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